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Alliance broadband is one of the major broadband service providers in West Bengal and Kolkata. It provides highspeed internet connection without any data cap. Alliance Broadband provides services in all major cities in West Bengal like Kolkata, Asansol, Jalpaiguri. Alliance Broadband Plans are listed in the below table.

Note: All Package is valid for 30 days and taxes will be charged extra.

Alliance Broadband Plans/Tariff Kolkata:

Unlimited Plans:

PlanCost SpeedData Capping
STARTERRs 500/Month60 MbpsNo Data Transfer Capping
ZOOMRs 600/Month75 MbpsNo Data Transfer Capping
PRIME+Rs 650/Month85 MbpsNo Data Transfer Capping
PREFERRED+Rs 850/Month115 MbpsNo Data Transfer Capping
PREMIUM+Rs 1150/Month160 MbpsNo Data Transfer Capping
SPEED+Rs 1500/Month210 MbpsNo Data Transfer Capping
FLASH+Rs 2600/Month375 MbpsNo Data Transfer Capping
INNOVATORRs 3500/Month510 MbpsNo Data Transfer Capping
GIGABLASTRs 7000/Month1 GbpsNo Data Transfer Capping

Fair Usage Policy (FUP) Plans:

PlanCost SpeedData Capping
STREAMRs 300/Month10 MbpsData Limit 30 GB (Post Data Transfer Limit 512 Kbps)
EXPRESSRs 550/Month80 MbpsData Limit 80 GB (Post Data Transfer Limit 512 Kbps)
PROMPTRs 650/Month100 MbpsData Limit 100 GB (Post Data Transfer Limit 512 Kbps)
SURGERs 800/Month120 MbpsData Limit 120 GB (Post Data Transfer Limit 512 Kbps)
BRISKRs 1000/Month150 MbpsData Limit 150 GB (Post Data Transfer Limit 512 Kbps)
ACCELERATERs 1500/Month200 MbpsData Limit 200 GB (Post Data Transfer Limit 512 Kbps)
AGILERs 2000/Month200 MbpsData Limit 250 GB (Post Data Transfer Limit 512 Kbps)

Alliance Broadband Plans/Tariff Rest of India:

PlanCost SpeedData Capping
BROWSE +Rs 400/Month20 MbpsUsage Unlimited
PACE +Rs 500/Month50 MbpsUsage Unlimited
QUICK +Rs 675/Month70 MbpsUsage Unlimited
RAPID +Rs 950/Month100 MbpsUsage Unlimited
SWIFT +Rs 1350/Month125 MbpsUsage Unlimited
BLAZE +Rs 2000/Month150 MbpsUsage Unlimited
GLIDE+Rs 250/Month5 MbpsData Limit 10 GB
Budget+Rs 1200/Month20 MbpsData Limit 90 GB

Alliance Broadband in Kolkata:

Most of the places in Kolkata city is under Alliance broadband coverage. If you need more information of Alliance broadband coverage in your area you must contact Alliance broadband customer service portal and they will connect you with local Alliance broadband service provider.

Alliance broadband

Alliance Broadband Customer Care Number/ Alliance Broadband Helpline:

Call 18001200300

SMS to 9163691000

How to apply for Alliance Broadband?

If you want to apply for Alliance Broadband you have to connect with alliance broadband local service provider through the above-mentioned customer care number

Review (Pros and cons):

No Data Transfer CappingService experience depends upon local service provider
Plans starts from Rs 300Limited coverage only with cities
High Speed up to 1 GBPS

 Alliance Broadband Asansol:

Alliance Broadband service is available in Asansol. Rest of India plans will be applicable to Asansol.

Whatsapp No: 9874331155 

Call: 18001200300

Alliance Broadband Jalpaiguri:

Alliance Broadband service is available in Jalpaiguri. To check Alliance Broadband Jalpaiguri plans Click Here.

Call: 913561 222477

If you are facing any issue regarding alliance broadband services, please comment below, we will try to help you. Alliance broadband services are good but it totally depends upon the local alliance service provider, some local service providers dose good maintenance of hardware in that case alliance broadband is best for you but in some cases, local service providers don’t do hardware maintenance on time in that case you might have some difficulty. So it is best to take feedback from alliance broadband users in your area.

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