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Top 4 Strategy Game Offline Android 2020

Strategy Game Offline for Android

Strategy Game is one of the gaming segments not many people are interested in, but some gamer does like Strategy Game a lot. Some of them are looking for strategy games offline, especially for android, and unfortunately, I am one of them. When I started searching for “Strategy Game Offline Android” I am surprised that …

How to Apply Voter ID Online?

Your vote matters

Voter ID card issued by the Election Commission of India. Voter ID card is the mandatory identity card for Indian citizens eligible to vote. Now all Indians eligible for voter ID cards can apply online via NATIONAL VOTERS SERVICES PORTAL. Previously only it was possible offline. Now we can apply Voter ID online by submitting …

Top 3 Best apps For Mutual Fund Investment 2020

Best apps FMutual Fund Investment

For a few years, we are seeing a huge increase in mutual fund investing in India. In India, only 7-10% of people invest in the mutual fund so there is huge potential in the mutual fund business and now mutual fund investment is becoming more attractive due to ease of investment through mutual fund apps. …

Online Mutual Fund Investment In India

Mutual fund investment Online

When we think of investing in the long term, then only one feasible way we can see that is mutual fund investment and it is particularly true for corporate professionals as we don’t have much time to spend on managing our portfolio. The easiest way to invest in mutual is online. Online mutual fund investment …