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GPS Tracker for Kids in India

GPS tracker for kids and elderly

In India, parents are concerned about their child’s safety as a parent we cannot always stay with our kids everywhere. In western countries for a long-time parent are using GPS tracker to track their child and that ensuring safety. Parents are looking for such types of devices to track their kid’s activity. This type of …

How to Carry Power Bank in Flight?

Is power bank allowed in flight

The power bank is one of the essential items you carry when you are traveling and if you are traveling via airplane then you will have this question “How to carry a power bank in flight?”. Carrying power bank can delay your boding and if you are not on time then you can miss your …

How to Use Mobile as a TV Remote

Mobile as TV remote

Losing a TV remote is part of our daily life. It happens with me almost 2-3 days in a month, I am watching something in between, I cannot find my TV Remote. Once I found my TV Remote inside my freeze and that also after 2 days. Some time TV Remote batteries will drain out …

Should I Buy PS4 or wait for PS5?

Should I Buy PS4 or wait for PS5

PS5 or Play Station 5 is the successor of PS4 Pro is now in the news, specifications and release date confirmed by Sony in March-2020. Sony going to launch next-generation Play Station in the next Holiday season. So now we have a date range from November-2020 to December 2020 for the expected launch. Some of …