GPS Tracker for Kids in India


In India, parents are concerned about their child’s safety as a parent we cannot always stay with our kids everywhere. In western countries for a long-time parent are using GPS tracker to track their child and that ensuring safety. Parents are looking for such types of devices to track their kid’s activity.

This type of tracking device will provide you real-time location data and most of the devices having features like two-way conversation. Not only for kids it also useful for the elderly and someone with some specific disease conditions.

GPS tracking is on the mobile phone but the issue with that most of the schools don’t allow mobile phones inside the school or it will be switch off during schooling hour and if someone having a bad intention then they will switch off the mobile phone. That time GPS tracking will be helpful, and it is designed such a way that it is difficult for someone to guess.

We will give you a list of GPS Trackers in India for kids and elderly which actually worked.

GPS tracker for kids and elderly

List of GPS Trackers for Kids in India:

1. SeTracker GPS Watch for Kids:

  • It looks like a smartwatch so your kid will not have any issue wearing.
  • Available in different color options and touch screen, camera, a flashlight will attract your kid
  • GPS/LBS Tracker Micro Sim Card Support
  • Can be controlled via Smart Phone (iOS, Android)
  • It is water-resistant.
  • This smartwatch enables two-way calls
  • It is configured with dual-mode positioning, provides accurate data
  • Positioning tracking can be done via SMS or iOS or Android APP
  • SeTracker GPS Watch supports Micro-SIM cards.
  • It will work with a 2G data connection.
  • SeTracker GPS Watch watch dose not work with Jio SIM.

2. Q50 GPS Kids Tracker Smart Wristwatch:

  • Real-time tracking via GPS+LBS+AGPS
  • SOS for emergency calls
  • The safe area can be set, and it will send you an alarm if your kids out of the safe area (200 meters)
  • Q50 GPS Kids Tracker Smart Wristwatch supports micro SIM card
  • Positioning tracking can be done via iOS or Android APP
  • Take-off alarm will be activated if your kid Take-off the watch
  • Low battery alarm

3. Yepzon GPS Tracker -Smallest Safety and Tracking Device:

  • The small device looks like a key ring
  • GPS and Wifi enabled
  • You can switch off the device from a mobile app
  • It is not waterproof
  • Charging reminder by the device
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • The handy attaching mechanism makes it easy to attach anywhere.

4. Sekuai Mini Tracker A8 GPS:

  • Smallest in the list
  • Micro Tracking Locator Positioning
  • Tracking using GPS, GSM and GPRS technology
  • Send a text message to the alarm locator
  • Small size and long standby life
  • Required mobile phone SIM card in the device
  • Battery life one day

5. Wayona 2020 Kids Smart Watches:

  • GPS + LBS + WIfi 3 Mode Location tracking
  • Touch screen display
  • SOS Emergency Call
  • It is a waterproof watch
  • Two-way calls.
  • The camera can take pictures remotely and can be seen in the mobile application
  • Remote Monitor function available you can receive the call from the watch remotely, you can hear the sounds without awarding your kid
  • You will receive an alert if your kid is out of safe area sate by you
  • 400mAH Battery, Standby (3days standby)
  • Micro SIM support (2G/GSM SIM Card)

This product gives you the option to track your kid in real-time. If you like our article on GPS tracker for kids In India, do comment below. This product also can be used by adults or the elderly to ensure that we are connected with our loved one and gives us peace of mind.

If you want to know more about GPS tracking solutions click here.

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