How to Block Websites On Chrome


In the Chrome browser, you have the feature to block any website according to your choice. After that next question comes in your mind, how to block websites on chrome? Block website is a feature which can be important for the parent to restrict their child from bad thing present on the internet. For an organization, it is also useful because some organization does want that employees will not access their personal accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Others also can use the feature for their different causes.

Block Websites in Chrome

How to Block Websites From Chrome Desktop:

There is an easy way to block websites in Chrome using an extension “BlockSite”. BlockSite has its paid version but using the free version you can easily block websites.

1. Search BlockSite Google Chrome extension and add the extension to your Chrome browser.

You can get the extension through Chrome Web Store, we can get a similar type of tool in the Web Store. Click on the “Add to Chrome” button on the top right corner as shown in the picture below.

2. Click on the “Add Extension” button to install the extension in Chrome.

Block Site 1

 3. Add the site’s URL of the site which you want to block.

Block Site 2


Open the BlockSite extension from the top right corner of your browser. On the “Block Sites” section of the extension paste the URL of the website you want to block. After that click on the green “+” button to add the website in the block list. We have that option to add multiple websites.

Block Site 3

For those who don’t know how to copy the URL, just open the website you want to add then copy the URL from the URL bar on the top of your browser.

If you want to delete any URL from the list just click on the respective red ““ button on the block site section.

How to Block Websites on Chrome Mobile:

You can also block a particular website or app according to your requirement in android mobile. The easy way to do this, you have to install the “BlockSiteapp on your android mobile.

1. Search BlockSite app on Playstore, then download and install the app.

You can view or download the app from here.

Block Site App

2. Open the BlockSite app on your phone.

3. Enable Accessibility of the BlockSite app in your phone settings.

Block Site App 2 Block Site App 1

Click on the “Enable Accessibility” button, it will redirect you to your phone accessibility settings. Turn on the accessibility of BlockSite in the settings.

4. Click “+” to add the website for blocking.

Block Site App 3

Search the website keyword or site or app on the search bar, from suggestions click on green “+” button, and click on “Done” to add the website to the blacklist.

Block Site App 4 Block Site App 5

5. Check the block list on the Block Site app to ensure that the website or app is added in the blocklist successfully.

Block Adult Sites in Mobile:

Usually, we have that question in mind about adult sites that how to block websites with chrome. You can have this easy solution for that in the BlockSite app. With the BlockSite app, you can prevent your child from using adult sites on mobile.

  1. Follow the above steps 1 to 3 to install and configure the app on the mobile.
  2. Open the “Insights” section in the app and turn on the toggle button to block the adult sites.

Block Websites from Chrome in IOS Device:

Few apps are available for IOS also to block websites in chrome like Zero Willpower. It is not a free app it costs 1.99$.

Another app for IOS is Site Blocker which is free, its give you the option to block websites in Safari, it gives you timer and suggestion also.

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