How to Carry Power Bank in Flight?


The power bank is one of the essential items you carry when you are traveling and if you are traveling via airplane then you will have this question “How to carry a power bank in flight?”. Carrying power bank can delay your boding and if you are not on time then you can miss your flight. A traveler traveling not so frequently also having the same question as this rule changes over time.

If you are carrying power bank in an inappropriate way you might have to submit it to the airport authority and you not only lose it but also you will miss your power bank in your trip.

Is power bank allowed in flight?

A simple answer is yes power bank is allowed in flight but with some important conditions. Please check the details below.

Is power bank allowed in flight

Carrying Power Bank on flight Rules:

  1. You can carry power bank on flight
  2. They should be in carry-on baggage (Handbag)
  3. No power bank allowed in check-in luggage
  4. The power bank should be less than 100Wh (Can be carried without approval)
  5. Power bank 100Wh to 160Wh can be carried with approval.
  6. Not only power bank this rule relates to any lithium-ion batteries

What are the power banks are allowed in flight?

As we mentioned above your power bank should only be in carry-on baggage in no circumstances it will not be allowed in check-in luggage. If your power bank is lass than 100Wh then no issue (most of the power bank used to charge mobile phones are within 100Wh) you can take it in carry-on baggage. If your power bank is within 100Wh to 160Wh can be allowed in carry-on baggage only if you have permission from the airline you are traveling with. Your power bank is more than 160Wh it will not be allowed but under special permission, you can be allowed.

How to calculate Wh of a power bank?

Calculating Wh is easy with a formula

(mAh)/1000 x (V) = (Wh)

mAh= Milliamp Hours

V= Nominal Voltage

Wh= Watt Hours

Note: Nowadays most of the power banks Wh mentioned on the power bank itself of on the packaging.

Why power banks are not allowed in check-in luggage?

As per the International Air Transport Association, power banks are a must be individually protected from short-circuit that’s why it should only be in carry-on baggage.

Use of power bank inside flight:

As you are carrying power bank in carry-on baggage it can be used to charge your device onboard a flight but always remember it is recommended to switch off your device while you are on board or use flight mode.

Power Bank Rule in-flight India:

The power bank Rule in flight is the same as an international rule in India. There is no difference in the above-mentioned rules in India.

Is Power Bank Allowed in Indigo Flight/ Is Power Bank Allowed in Air India Flight?

Yes, it is allowed with above-mentioned conditions accordance with International Air Transport Association document “Transport of Lithium Metal and Lithium-Ion Batteries Revised for the 2017 Regulations”

I think now you have the answer to How to carry a power bank in flight?. If you have an additional query, please comment below.

It is recommended that you confirm power bank related regulation with airline helpline number before traveling.

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