How to Use Mobile as a TV Remote


Losing a TV remote is part of our daily life. It happens with me almost 2-3 days in a month, I am watching something in between, I cannot find my TV Remote. Once I found my TV Remote inside my freeze and that also after 2 days. Some time TV Remote batteries will drain out we do not have any spare to replace it. It is really a difficult situation but most of us don’t know we have a very easy solution for that we can use our  Mobile as a TV Remote and it really works and we lose our mobile phone very few times than TV Remote.

Mobile as TV remote

Set up Mobile to Tv Remote:

Connecting mobile with a TV remote is a life hack. You can easily connect any cell phone as TV remote control, all Android, and iPhone. Not only cell phones you can connect a tablet or an iPod touch with TV and use it as a TV Remote.

Hardware Requirement for a Cell Phone as TV Remote Control:

As a hardware requirement, you need an IR blaster on your phone. IR blaster or Infrared blaster is an Infrared emitting device that can connect your mobile phone to the TV.

How to Convert Phone as a TV Remote:

First, you must check your device having IR blaster or not. To find that you can check the specification of your device or you can check the external surface of your device has a small IR emitting bulb or not. Mobile phone IR emitting bulb will be significantly smaller than your TV Remote IR emitting bulb you will usually find it at the top of your device.

If you have an IR blaster then check you might have a default remote control app in your device. If not, you can find many remote-control apps in Google Play store and in the Apple app store.

Download the mobile remote-control app and configure with your TV and use it as a TV Remote.

Mobile as a TV Remote without IR Blaster:

If your mobile phone doesn’t have an IR blaster you can use 3.5 Audio Jack Wireless Remote Controller which will connect to your mobile phone via 3.5 audio jack and then you have to install a remote-control app from Google play store and in Apple app store and configure your mobile phone with your TV.

Here is the recommended product link in Amazon.

Recommended apps from Google play store:

Universal Remote Control                                                        Universal Remote Control

Universal TV Remote Control                                                    Universal TV Remote Control

Mi Remote Control                                                   Mi Remote Control

Recommended app for Apple app store:


Note: Most of the MI (Xiaomi) mobile phones having IR blaster and pre-installed MI Remote app.

How to Use Mobile as an AC remote:

It is basically the same way you have connected your TV to your mobile phone, use the same method to connect your AC to phone and convert your mobile to TV Remote. The only change in the process it that after downloading the app select the device as AC instate of TV.

If you have a device that is not in use convert it to remote control and use that as a spare remote control that is how to use mobile as a TV remote.

You are facing any issue connect us in the comment box, we will try to help you, and if you are finding our article interesting and helpful. Let us know in the comment box.

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