Top 3 Best apps For Mutual Fund Investment 2020


For a few years, we are seeing a huge increase in mutual fund investing in India. In India, only 7-10% of people invest in the mutual fund so there is huge potential in the mutual fund business and now mutual fund investment is becoming more attractive due to ease of investment through mutual fund apps. Mutual fund apps are attracting more investors not only new investors but also old investors switching from regular to direct mutual fund plans via mutual fund apps. Today we will discuss the top 3 best apps for mutual fund Investment 2020.

Best apps FMutual Fund Investment

List of apps for mutual fund Investment

  1. Groww– Mutual Funds App
  2. KTrack mobile app by Karvy
  3. PayTM Money Mutual Funds App
  4. ETMONEY Mutual Fund App
  5. Zerodha Coin
  6. KFinKart- Investor Mutual Funds
  7. myCAMS Mutual Fund App

Top 3 best apps for mutual fund Investment

Groww- Mutual Funds App:

Grow is a fast-growing Mutual Fund app in India. Investing in a mutual fund via Groww is totally free. You will find almost all top mutual fund plans and AMCs in Groww. You can track all your investment a single dashboard, annualized returns, and total returns. In my personal experience Grow app help and support team is excellent they will really help you resolve the issue you are facing but the user interface required improvement. Compare to other apps like PayTM Money it is difficult to compare different mutual fund plans in Groww but you will receive investment confirmation and unit allocation in Grow faster than any other apps.

Rating on Play store:

4.5 out of 5 with 5M+ downloads.

Here is the direct link to the app on the play store.

PayTM Money Mutual Funds App:

PayTM Money is an offering from PayTM Group, one of the most trusted Mutual Fund investment platform in India. The user interface is the USP for PayTM Money app. It is very easy to find a mutual find from a category and compare them. Portfolio tracking is very user friendly. PayTM Money is also offering NPS (National Pension Scheme) investment for retirement planning with or without lock-in. The flip side of PayTM Money is that the PayTM help and support team some time you will not get issue resolution quickly and PayTM Money gives a long time (sometimes 2-3 days) for investment confirmation. I am personally an investor in PayTM Money I like it more than any other apps but I have seen the above-mentioned issues along with it but believe me, it is not a deal-breaker.

Rating on Play store:

4.3 out of 5 with 5M+ downloads.

Here is the direct link to the app on the play store.

Zerodha Coin Mutual Funds App:

Zerodha Coin is one of the big brands in Mutual Funds Apps. It is having the best interface to find category wise mutual fund plans. It is a free mutual fund platform. Zerodha Coin will soon begin Loan Against Securities (LAS) service against equity and mutual fund holdings. I do not have a personal experience using Zerodha Coin but as I know from my friends no major issue with the platform.

Rating on Play store:

4.1 out of 5 with 500K+ downloads.

Here is the direct link to the app on the play store.

I hope you like our article on Top 3 best apps for mutual fund Investment 2020.

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